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Top 10 Ultrasonic product review ultrasonic cleaner , ultrasonic cavitation , ultrasonic , ultrasonic pest repeller , ultrasonic humidifier , ultrasonic sensor , ultrasonic skin scrubber , ultrasonic jewelry cleaner , ultrasonic diffuser , ultrasonic welding , ultrasonic transducer wikipedia ultrasonic transducers or ultrasonic sensors are a type of acoustic sensor divided into three broad categories transmitters receivers and transceivers transmitters convert electrical signals into ultrasound receivers convert ultrasound into electrical signals and transceivers can both transmit and receive ultrasound in a similar way to radar and sonar ultrasonic transducers are used in ultrasonic ultrasound electronic circuits build an ultrasonic proximity detector detect objects through ultrasonic sound waves contact jameco electronics cheap ultrasonic range finder based on pic16f877a with a 8mhz crystal everybody knows the speed of the sound in the dry air is around 340 m s send a short ultrasonic pulse at 40 khz in the air and try to listen to the echo ultrasonic sensors series 600 ultrasonic sensors senscomp ultrasonic sensors senscomp a world leader in ultrasonic sensors offers a large selection of in air ultrasonic sensors ranging components complete plug and play systems and educational and evaluation kits ultrasonic aeroponic system inventgeek author jared bouck project cost 22 00 est construction time 5 hr required skill level basic hand tool skills overview this simple low cost system provides amazing results in plant and root development utilizing low cost and low power usage ultrasonic foggers we atomize a nutrient solution in a high oxygen high humidity environment that promotes rapid plant development we were ultrasonic case cleaning 6mmbr com ultrasonic brass cleaning with ultrasound machine and vinegar solution birchwood case cleaning tests on brass cleaners 6mmbr com is the best guide for precision shooting complete with 6br faq reloading data shooter message boards and photo gallery rifle competition accuracy training tips equipment reviews gun barrels powders primers gunstocks dies accurizing ranges ballistics wind instruments anemometers calypso marine instruments our new ultrasonic portable wind instrument and data logger strives to be a disruptive innovation bringing top notch ultrasonic wind measurement technology to the mobile world affordable portable with no moving parts ipx8 easy to install accurate and open to third parties apps the calypso ultrasonic anemometer brings astonishing technology to a wider range of users from the sailor to nonwoven converting machine ever green ultrasonic co about ever green ultrasonic co ltd ever ultrasonic group is the leading pioneer of joint venture enterprise in asia in the recent years we ve acquired a great deal of achievements and conquered the majority market share throughout asia do electronic ultrasonic pest repellers really work do so called pest repellers work summary various devices on the market claim to repel bugs and or rodents with ultrasonic or electronic electro magnetic energy these devices have however not been thoroughly tested and in fact have failed to do what they claim to do in the few scientific trials that have been done simplemist ultrasonic cool mist humidifier with the simplemist humidifier with aromatherapy is one of our favorite new humidifiers because of its great design at an affordable price all without sacrificing functionality or features free shipping ultrasonic thickness gauges advanced ndt the nova tg110 dl is our most popular ultrasonic thickness gauge with a great ultrasonic performance and all the features that you may require including a through paint option a range of probes are available to cater for difficult materials high temperatures etc, or check out a Best Buy Ultrasonic store near you.