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Top 10 Aurora Rds product review amazon aurora relational database built for the cloud aws amazon aurora is a mysql and postgresql compatible relational database built for the cloud that combines the performance and availability of high end commercial databases with the simplicity and cost effectiveness of open source databases amazon rds aurora vs rds mysql vs mysql on ec2 stack i ve been looking around for best practices when setting up your database on the cloud but it still isn t clear to me which of the following solutions should we be going for amazon rds aurora ama how to manage rds connections from aws lambda jeremy daly someone asked a great question on my how to reuse database connections in aws lambda post about how to end the unused connections left over by expired lambda functions i m playing around with aws lambda and connections to an rds database and am finding that for the containers that are not reused the connection remains choosing the right aws rds instance stack overflow i m setting with rds instance for our service we have about 50 tables out of 50 we have a particular table which we will be reading and writing mostly that table is currently at 100gb we are mysql database migration ec2 hosted vs amazon rds amazon rds vs amazon ec2 hosted mysql which mysql database migration solution is the right one for your aws workloads amazon aurora ascendant how we designed a cloud native amazon aurora is a true cloud native relational database embracing the ideas of offloading redo logging cell based architecture quorums and fast database repairs amazon aurora design considerations for high throughput amazon aurora design considerations for high throughput cloud native relational databases verbitski et al sigmod 17 werner vogels recently published a blog post describing amazon aurora as their fastest growing service ever that post provides a high level overview of aurora and then links to two sigmod papers for further details also of note is the recent links for aircraft spacecraft designers cool websites for hot designers internet links for aircraft and spacecraft designers including companies universities government agencies military professional societies museums and private websites fivetran data to snowflake redshift bigquery azure we get a lot of value out of fivetran having all of our different data sources in our warehouse makes it easy for us to connect our various data sources to business intelligence tools and to execute ad hoc queries on the data aws database migration service faqs amazon web services q in addition to one time data migration can i use aws database migration service for continuous data replication yes you can use aws database migration service for both one time data migration into rds and ec2 based databases as well as for continuous data replication