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Soul Searching

If you missed the debut, you missed a night of musically diversity at its best. There are many types of singers in the world and new promoter Angel Shields clearly had that in mind. Shields choose singers with great music selection, great range, good tone, amazing energy, and straight up down in the Delta like Soul. The first show featured STL Favorite Coco Soul, Blues master Marquis Knox, the colorful Maven Lee formerly Blair Logik, songstress Katrina Reece, the skilled Tiffany Elle, and Chris Jones….minus his superb guitar playing which we missed! It was a treat but the good news is its back again. Stepping away from the hosting spot to feature is Justin Hoskins along with the returning Katrina Reece,Soul Searching Cheron Brash, Corey Allen, Bell, Joaquin, and True...

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CENTER STAGE : KC Native Playwright Pam Johnson’s “Silent Tears”


There is always something great about the energy in a Black-box Theatre isn’t it? The connection with the audience is either a successful pass or an epic fail. For a direct individual such as myself I was inclined to see how this production could connect with the packed crowd …. and it became clear to me thirty minutes into the production that they had found the link and they ran with it.


The stage play was centered around Carter, the lead male. He was a seemingly soft spoken and dare I say tolerant Husband to a not so welcoming and receiving wife. As the story unfolded the audience was drawn into his story and what he had to endure. Carter played by Caleb “CJ” Harris was definitely brought to life...

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MIXTAPE REVIEW: Fabolous – Soul Tape 3



For the past few years for me christmas has not been about family, food, or gifts, itʼs been about Soul Tape, not the cassette tape although it sure takes you back to the days of real hip hop music. Iʼm talking about the digital (free) download from Faboulus. No MC to mind has kept me anxiously waiting to hear new soulful music, thatʼs not about the N word, the B word but more word play.

Not only was this the best christmas present this year, as always it was free. If you love music and you love free, this is for you. I sat and wondered if anyone would care about my point of view, but I decided to share it anyways, my grandfather always said, “if you find something good and you donʼt share, that good thing must not be that good. So here you go.

1. “Everything Was The Same” (f...

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Rapsody “She Got Game”

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By: Coco Cherri @cococherri9

OK I must admit I knew nothing of this young woman Rapsody before I stumbled upon her new mixtape release “She Got Game”.  I wasn’t sure what to expect.  She looked like she wanted to spit that raw real rap sitting on top of a basketball hoop on the album cover.  We all know looks can be deceiving!

From begin to end with introduction from none other than host D.J Drama, sets the tone for an MC he says is here to stay. I have to say I agree that she is. Rapsody is a refreshingly honest MC who delivers rhymes like she’s holding a conversation with you.  She truly defines not only what an MC is but a female MC at best . She has the ability to express herself & fully be herself while drawing you in with wicked wordplay.

 Coconut Oil was an appropriate...

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