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Calling all WOKE Emcees


Sydney Australia’s ‘Blacktown Youth Services Association’ (BYSA) serves the Sudanese and Pacific Islander diaspora communities of Sydney’s West by facilitating opportunities for collaborative artistic performance and enterprise. BYSA is looking for individual emcees and community organization in the U.S.A. to collaborate with on an internationally themed hip-hop mixtape. Some main sub-themes of the proposed mixtape include:

  • culture/community,
  • social and environmental justice,
  • self- or collective-determination,
  • projections of a future world.

We are in search of 6 – 12 skilled emcees of mixed gender who represent culturally and socio-economically marginalized communities and who have demonstrated a commitment to a social or environmental justice initiative through paid or volu...

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Livin’ it up: Casino Life

jarule Read about where Ja Rule likes to gamble and how he once made professional poker player Phil Ivey fold.Read More

Snippet Of 2Pac Biographical Analysis By DJ D.I.M.E.

DJ-DIME DJ D.I.M.E. recently wrote up a biographical analysis of Tupac Shakur. Read what she said after the jump.Read More

Hip Hop Isn’t Dead It’s Almost EXTINCT

Real Hip Hop

The phrase “Hip Hop is dead” was really popular a few years ago.  Some say Hip Hop will be extinct soon such as other genre’s blacks once dominated like Jazz, Disco even Rock & Roll.  Rapper Scarface makes some great points about race & equality in hip hop to Hip Hop DX, a must read! Hip Hop has always had its high & low points then revamps itself.  Lately things seem a bit pop like to me.  Is Hip Hop on the verge of extinction?  I have observed this culture for much of my existence noticing the changes throughout the years.  My focus today is our influence, as black people in Hip Hop...

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