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Calling all WOKE Emcees


Sydney Australia’s ‘Blacktown Youth Services Association’ (BYSA) serves the Sudanese and Pacific Islander diaspora communities of Sydney’s West by facilitating opportunities for collaborative artistic performance and enterprise. BYSA is looking for individual emcees and community organization in the U.S.A. to collaborate with on an internationally themed hip-hop mixtape. Some main sub-themes of the proposed mixtape include:

  • culture/community,
  • social and environmental justice,
  • self- or collective-determination,
  • projections of a future world.

We are in search of 6 – 12 skilled emcees of mixed gender who represent culturally and socio-economically marginalized communities and who have demonstrated a commitment to a social or environmental justice initiative through paid or volu...

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Exclusive Interview: Breath of fresh air with St Paul Slim


3 things can describe St. Paul Slim seasoned, versatile, and a breath of fresh air. He is a hip hop artist from Minnesota that has been doing big things for many years. Slim was Born in Chicago and raised in St. Paul, Minnesota. He has dropped 5 albums dating all the way back to 2002.

Slim is the co-founder of MN hip hop super group Guardians of Balance (G.O.B). He is a past winner of a Twin Cities URBAN Music Award, has had his music featured on TV shows, has been featured on 10+ successful hip hop projects. Slims resume goes deep!

Slim covers a wide spectrum of topics in his music. This gives him appeal to all social demographics in hip hop. Slim can rock shows from the roughest hoods to suburban areas. To Slim’s diverse hip hop fans he is considered the peoples champ emcee.

Slim delivers legendary stage performances no matter where he is performing. He has rocked clubs all the way to massive festivals such as SoundSet, SXSW, and Milwaukee’s Summerfest. Slim has even performed at a past HHC show at the University of Minnesota back in 2005.

Slim2 Guardians of Balance (Slim on left) backstage at the U OF M HHC show in 2005.

Some hip hop stars Slim has shared the stage with consist of MC LYTE, SLICK RICK, KRS-1, CLIPSE, CEE LO, SLUM VILLAGE, WIZ KHALIFA, TWISTA, NAUGHTY BY NATURE, Ryhmesayers artists, Prof and more….

Slim shares a label roster with another rising Minnesota Hip Hop star. He is a label mate with Prof on Stophouse Music Group. Slim returned to the Stophouse Music Group label in 2015 and plans to release a new project in 2016. Slim will be releasing multiple singles 2016 so be on the lookout.

A lessor known side of Slim is that he also is a renowned painter. Talk about an artist being versatile. He has some serious hip hop art. Here are some shots of some of his paintings:








HHC was excited to connect with Slim to hit up an interview. We talked about music, art and the future. Check out the interview with Slim:

Let’s jump into your music and your career.

HHC: When did you actually start to get serious with being an emcee?

SLIM: After I came home from the Marines and discovered that the scene I left, years prior was starting to take Rap serious.

HHC: You have been in the Minnesota hip hop scene for a while now. How have you seen it change over the years?

SLIM: The quality of product that people are putting out now verses the late 90s early 2000s.

HHC: You have covered a range of topics in your music over the years, what are some of the topics we can expect you to cover in the future?

SLIM: Babies having babies, relationship issues, politics issues, self-improvement. And of course the party.

HHC: Describe what someone can expect at one of your shows to the readers?

SLIM: High Energy, high Quality, never a dull moment. I like to engage my audience alot.

HHC: What is the most memorable show or project you have worked on in your career?

SLIM: My most memorable show didn’t happen until last year. Soundset 2015 where I hosted, that was the most memorable. Projects at this level are not always that memorable it’s hard dealing with peoples schedules egos etc.

HHC: Have you gone on tour with Rhymesayers or Doomtree before, if so what was the experience like?

SLIM: I did Summerfest with Rhymesayers. It was a good experience it was fun to work with professionals. When you work with people that know exactly how things are supposed to run then it’s always fun. No tour with Doomtree. The only person who has been gracious enough to take me on tour is Prof. I did a tour with Kanser back in 2005. I did a tour down to South by Southwest back in 2011 but I was headlining. It was cool but the people I did the tour with we are no longer cool like that so that probably won’t happen again. Unless I do it myself.

HHC: Now that you are back with Stophouse what can we expect from you in the near future?

SLIM: You can expect more music. More merch. Hopefully a tour. But definitely more organization and what Slim is doing.

HHC: For the readers break down the concept behind your first single ‘Riot’ from your upcoming project?

SLIM: The concept for Riot is tonight B control by mainstream society, media, or ideas. Be in control yourself. After you get that self control, when people try to put you in a box or treat you a certain way make noise don’t let nobody f*** you over.

HHC: When will we see a new project from Guardians of Balance?

SLIM: Very soon. We are getting things mixed and master as we speak.

HHC: Being that you are originally from Chicago what are your thoughts on the Drill music coming out of there and the scene in general?

SLIM: Chicago’s always going to have a Dope hip hop scene. People don’t act like haters in Chicago like they do up here with that Minnesota nice s***. I’m not really up on drill, hip hop is hip hop to me. As long as it’s done in good taste and expands the culture I’m with it.

HHC: Any future collab’s in the works with Chicago artists?

SLIM: Most definitely, keep in mind there’s a lot of people in Minnesota doing music that are from Chicago. And also I got family in Chicago doing music. And Psalm One is my homie, shout out to her.

HHC: Minnesota has recently seen the launch of 3 new hip hop radio stations with one of them (GO 95.3) playing local hip hop. What are your thoughts on this recent flood of new stations in MN?

SLIM: The more the merrier. As long as one of them play me, we all good.

HHC: What advice would you give someone that is trying to break into hip hop?

SLIM: The advice that I have for somebody coming into this game is this : be original, be bumpin, be talking about something relevant, have a team, be organized, and be consistent.

Let’s talk about your art.

HHC: Dope artwork. How long have you been painting?

SLIM: Thanks a billion. I’ve been painting since high school, I just kept it under wraps.

HHC: Describe your process when you do a new piece?

SLIM: My process when I do a new piece is to first get inspired. After I find some type of inspiration I paint an abstract piece which means I just grabbed a bunch of paint and then just put it anywhere on the canvas to create a background. Then, after that I bomb it, meaning, I tag it up with something inspirational like a saying of some sort. After that I sit with it for a little while maybe put some more sayings on it, really give the piece some blessings. You know? Then usually by that time I know exactly what I want to put over that. And then I put an actual what I call abstract piece on top of that. Some type of character some type of thing. That’s my process.

HHC: Who is your favorite painter?

SLIM: I don’t have a favorite I enjoy a lot of people’s different art but I can’t say that one person’s art is my favorite over another person’s it’s all relevant in my mind. I would hate to only limit myself to having 1 favorite or a few favorites. There so many dope artists that do so much Dope s*** in the world it’s impossible for me to have a favorite.

HHC: Are you a fan of Justin Bua’s work?

SLIM: Hell yeah! He’s an inspiration and an aspiration. His work is Dope.

HHC: Where can people come see and buy your artwork?

SLIM: I have work in the Mall Of America right now. Till probably the end of March. Then I plan on doing an art show at Fifth Element in a few other galleries around town. I always post my work on Facebook @StPaulSlim. People can purchase prints on the name of my company is: ‘The W8 On Empty Space’ and if you google that my stuff will pop up.

HHC: Thanks for taking the time to do this interview. Anything else you want to say?

SLIM: Peace and love to the fans. Keep supporting greatness.

J Dilla by Slim

J Dilla by Slim

You can learn more about Slim on any of the following links:

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Bob Marley painting by Justin Bua

2016-02-03 15_05_12-BUA on Instagram_ “About to drop knowledge with @bdeleonart on periscope on the

Justin Bua recently teamed up with Brian Deleon on a tribute painting titled Positive Vibration for Bob Marley of Bob Marley. Bua has this to say about the Positive Vibration painting.

Brian Deleon’s commitment to our country as a military man, who served 2 tours in the Persian Gulf, is evident in his commitment and discipline with his art. His ability to control shapes and value is executed at the highest level. It was an honor to collaborate with this creative force. Together we bring you “Positive Vibration” a powerful tribute to Bob Marley.

You can see a full interview with the two artists here:


This painting is available as a limited edition. For more info check out:

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Who was Aaliyah talking about in ONE IN A MILLION? We don’t know but we do know who TRAVIS MALLOY was talking about… GOD

Travis Malloy

We love Underground music regardless of the genre here at Hip Hop Club so imagine our excitement when we stumbled upon this cover. For us when genres cross over it always makes everything that much better. TRAVIS MALLOY is no stranger to the music world of course. He’s apart of the world of the Singer’s Singer. One of the  slew of independent, underground, background, songwriting singers who all the stars who value a good voice know about. Malloy has worked with several emerging gospel sensations and shedding with some of R & B’s best so this beautifully crafted cover was no creative surprise!  Although it will remain a mystery to most of us to whom Aaliyah was singing about in this song… it’s no secret that Travis was definitely singing with passion and purpose about he’s love of God.

Travis Malloy

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