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.: --Melvin Brown  "One Marketing Group talks Muzik with CEO of Konvict."

Konvict Muzik’s CEO and Partner to Akon talks Muzik with The One Marketing Group

Melvin Brown, C.EO of Konvict Muzik Group and partner to Akon defiantly knows the struggle and survival tactics needed to win the battle of breaking an artist into the music industry as it stands today. Melvin began his journey to success when he started work with his first cousin Johnny Wright, noted to be one of the largest pop managers in the world. While working for Johnny Wright, Melvin came across and interesting demo package. A sound he had never heard before. Yes! You guessed it no one other than “Akon”. Using the tools he picked up along the way Melvin began to manage Akon and relentlessly worked to gain public knowledge of his particular style of music.

In this Interview Melvin states that in spreading Akon’s music, to Dj’s record pools and radio not everyone immediately embraced the sound. When the debut single “Locked up” reached the hands and turntables of Dj’s as well as the airwaves, People all over the world began to associate the words “Locked Up” with many different aspects of their lives not just simply a jail term but a term of life. The words, for many resembling unhappy relationships, dead end jobs, people living life and just trying to make it. “Locked Up” became the anthem of neighborhoods around the globe.

On a day-to-day basis Melvin is facilitating and delegating duties to employees within several companies serving under the Konvict Muzik umbrella. One of the most intriguing efforts of Konvict Muzik Group’s endeavors is taking place in Senegal Africa. In Senegal 63% of the population is living on less that $2.00 dollars a day and the literacy rate in adults rests at a grim 39%. In 1999 studies showed that 79,000 people were living with A.I.D.S in Senegal and it is now 2007. Akon born in St. Louis also lived in Senegal for many years with his family. Akon’s Non Profit Organization “Konfidence” has already begun rebuilding Senegal with new schools, financial support and clothing and shoes from major apparel maker’s nationwide.

Many have heard the words “K-O-N-V-I-C-T M-U-Z-I-K” you can hear it being bellowed out by Akon himself in your head on the first 8 bars of a song here and there; it is a signature from Konvict Muzik saying “We Are Here”! The uprising company under the direction of Melvin Brown and Akon remain in the front seat of the industry. At this very moment Billboards Hot 100 has Akon’s Collaboration “Bartender” with T-Pain sitting at number 7 in sales and number 6 in the gainer list. At number 17 in sales and 11 in gainers is Akon’s “Sorry, Blame It On Me” So as you can see Melvin Brown, Akon and Konvict Muzik are definitely here to stay!

The One Marketing Group recently sat down for an Interview with Melvin Brown:


When and how did you begin the Konvict Muzik Movement?


After college went to work for Johnny Wright, (Manager of Justin Timberlake, Janet Jackson, *Nsync and BSB just to name a few) He has been said to be one of the biggest pop managers in the world. Akon was my 1st live artist that I took management responsibility for under my company Konvict Muzik Management, Akon had a deal with Upfront/ SRC and I helped break the records. In the early days, I worked as Attorney, Accountant, Security, Booking Agent, Business Manager, Road Manager and Exclusive Manager for Akon. I had to do what I had to do to make our system work.

THE ONE: Who beside you is a part of the executive team of Konvict Muzik Group?

M.B. Akon and myself are the founders of Konvict Muzik, however Konvict Muzik is the parent company and there are many executives within all of our companies.

THE ONE: What daily duties do you tend to as CEO and partner of Konvict Muzik Group?

M.B. Delegate duties to each department in the Konvict companies
Konvict ent
Konvict Muzik Management
Konvict Label Group
Konvict Real Estate
Konvict Construction

Identify projects
Demo listening
Decide collectively what artist’s can and should be worked with or possibly signed to the label
Selecting tours
Arranging tours

THE ONE: What is your current roster of officially signed Konvict Muzik Artists and what projects will you be concentrating on 2008-2009?

M.B. T-Pain, Ray L., American Yard, Brick and lace, GLOWB Germany,
We will heavily concentrate on all of our artists projects equally, we have a few more artist projects that we are working on, but, I will not comment until we have the packages ready to be public.

THE ONE: What sets Konvict Muzik aside from others,

M.B. The ability to identify and work with versatile artists, Konvict Muzik is not soley a rap label, we work with, listen and appreciate all music and do not exclude any genre.

THE ONE: Explain the creativity and talent with in the group and how you selected your artists? M.B. Many artists are referred to us, labels and other artists. Industry events and tours are a big part of finding talent by hearing different opening acts as well. Unlike many other major and independent labels, we actually listen to every demo we get.

THE ONE: Can you explain just a bit of the cultural history of Konvict Music’s breakout artist and partner to you “Akon”?

M.B. Akon born in St. Louis, he grew up in Senegal West Africa,

THE ONE: Please share the efforts Konvict Music Group has spread to occur change in Africa, more specifically Senegal?

M.B. We visited Senegal and asked Nike, Reebok , Adidas and Puma to donate their out of date clothing and shoes to bring to Senegal so we brought thousands of articles to Senegal for the homeless, children and families. We are in the process of selecting a name for a newly built school for Senegalese children. Akon’s presence in Senegal is similar to the likes of “The Beatles” the last show Akon did in Senegal left 30,000 people unable to get in WITH 50,000 who made it in to enjoy the show.

THE ONE: Does Konvict Music accept submissions and if so how would one go about this task? YES we accept submissions; we prefer my space links, and web information, epk, and media kits anyone who wants to send a demo can send to this address
Po box 831
Waynesboro Virginia 22980

THE ONE: We understand Konvict Music Group has embraced 50/50 Entertainment and The And One Mixed Tape Tour by committing to involvement in sponsorship efforts. Can you elaborate in detail on this effort?
Konvict Muzik will participate in sponsorship efforts of The And One Mixed Tape Tour. The tour will will feature the creative styles of artists such as Gypsy Stokes, Tariq L. Qwes, and American Yard

THE ONE: In your opinion from an executive stand point what has Konvict Music Groups greatest accomplishments of 2006-2007 been?

M.B. First and Foremost holding both the number one and two spots simultaneously on the Billboard Hot 100 charts twice, and second I would say the outstanding work being done in Africa

THE ONE: Not all musicians and artists truly understand what it takes to make, and break hit records. Konvict Music Group has climbed the industry ladder to “make and break” records, Can you give a bit of insight on this to up and coming artists.

M.B. When making a demo ALWAYS put the first song to be your best Never have a long intro make it short and move right into the song You don’t have to send 20 songs, pick your best 3 or 4

THE ONE: Akon is the only artist to ever accomplish the feat of holding both the number one and two spots simultaneously on the billboard charts, Please give your perception of how this
was accomplished ,mention any barriers that may have arose to get to that point so up and coming artists can understand the drive and grind it takes to win in the music industry.

M.B. It was hard in the beginning, people were not feeling the movement they didn’t embrace it right away they didn’t understand the style of the music, so through oversaturation and people listening to the content the people began to embrace “locked up” applying it to many different life situations and relating.
Barriers come from remaining complacent and not playing all parts of the team. I can have a 1:00pm executive meeting and by 8:00 pm I am out of my suit and tie and in my sweat suit and air forces handing out flyers and singles. “Its a golden rule to wear all hats”

THE ONE: What can we look forward to from Konvict Muzik in the coming months?

M.B. We work around the clock on our artists and will continue to do so considering the great talent we have had the pleasure to coma across, however the first few things that I personally will A&R is GLOWB’S Single, Video and the group’s tour in Europe and Asia
You can read more on them at (

THE ONE: Where can we find out whatever we need to know about Konvict Muzik Group as a whole?

M.B. /Akon

--By Nikki

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