Calling all WOKE Emcees


Sydney Australia’s ‘Blacktown Youth Services Association’ (BYSA) serves the Sudanese and Pacific Islander diaspora communities of Sydney’s West by facilitating opportunities for collaborative artistic performance and enterprise. BYSA is looking for individual emcees and community organization in the U.S.A. to collaborate with on an internationally themed hip-hop mixtape. Some main sub-themes of the proposed mixtape include:

  • culture/community,
  • social and environmental justice,
  • self- or collective-determination,
  • projections of a future world.

We are in search of 6 – 12 skilled emcees of mixed gender who represent culturally and socio-economically marginalized communities and who have demonstrated a commitment to a social or environmental justice initiative through paid or volunteer work, or some other form of support.

Project outline:

Step 1 – Sydney – based MC sends the U.S. – based emcees an instrumental track with one or two 16 bar verses and a hook recorded on it.

Step 2 – U.S. – based emcee writes and vocally records a 16 bar verse and an alternate hook for the track, then sends the track back to BYSA.

aStep 3 – BYSA production staff mix and master the tracks.

Step 4 – The mixtape is released through U.S. and Australian channels with the aim of attracting grant, donor, and commercial interest in funding two performance events, one in the U.S. and one in Sydney. At these performance events the U.S. and Sydney emcee cohorts will combine to perform tracks from the mixtape.

Project costing:

BYSA will cover all mixtape production costs excluding costs associated with vocal recording in the U.S. where the U.S.-based organization or artists will cover these costs.


D.J. Belton

Community Producer


Phone: U.S. +1-786-383-3123; Australia +61-410-169-420



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