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For the past few years for me christmas has not been about family, food, or gifts, itʼs been about Soul Tape, not the cassette tape although it sure takes you back to the days of real hip hop music. Iʼm talking about the digital (free) download from Faboulus. No MC to mind has kept me anxiously waiting to hear new soulful music, thatʼs not about the N word, the B word but more word play.

Not only was this the best christmas present this year, as always it was free. If you love music and you love free, this is for you. I sat and wondered if anyone would care about my point of view, but I decided to share it anyways, my grandfather always said, “if you find something good and you donʼt share, that good thing must not be that good. So here you go.

1. “Everything Was The Same” (f. Stacy Barthe)

This track takes you back to some old fab lyrics and some new ones all in the same track (like a good weave) “damn if you do damn if you donʼt” get it.

2. “Sacrifices”

“Dr King fought for my freedom that I risk just to pay rent” that basically tells you all,a soulful song about risking things to gain things, “just do what you gotta do baby”

3. “Playa”

Any old hip hop head can appreciate the sample from Notorious BIG funny yet potent song about being a playa, except Fab takes it to another level, basically a story, about how we are so focused about what people see, that we forget to see the people who are watching, GREAT STORY TELLING SONG….No real hook just to the point, I would do a great job with a video for this song, if he doesn’t make a video, I WILL.

4. “The Get Back”

Iʼm going to call this one the Kendrick Lamar Diss “they just killed his vibe, they just killed his vibe”

5. “Foreigners” (f. Meek Mill & Mike Davis)

This beat reminds me of Fat Joeʼs “lifestyle” song talking about foreign cars and foreign ladies, fab rides the beat like a cheap nukka on a bus, except he does it oh so well.

6. “The Hope” (f. Jadakiss)

Fab and Jada on a beat is like putting moses and Jesus in the same Baptism water, you gonna fell the spirit on this one.

7. “You know” (f. Young Jeezy)

This is my least favorite track only because of Young Jeezy, not a big fan of Jeezy and he didnʼt win me over on this one, Fab killed the track, wish Jeezy would have been silent, but to each itʼs on.

8. “Cuffin Season”

Cleaver word play, nice hook, anyone living in a cold or warm temp can relate, he basically keeps it so real, talking about how guys front, girls fake, it’s a great song about the seasons, anyone can appreciate this, best line on this song is about the internet and chipotle LOL listen and you will know exactly what I mean

9. “Thim Slick” (f. Jeremih)

This is a track both male and females can bump and clean house to, make love to, walk the dogs to, wash dishes to. Basically this track is a WINNER.

10. “Lay Down” (f. Ryan Leslie)

“wanted to spread them legs like you number 23” LOL iʼll never look at MJ the same again. The song is just about what the title says “lay down” and lets get nasty, but he tells how much he love a lady with word play, not that old let me bust it open and beat it til itʼs purple type stupid lyric. Fab really brought lyrics on this track.

11. “Situationships” (f. Mack Wilds & Tiara Thomas) This track is the realist track, from the skits in it to the music (Baby Boy and Martin) great song. If you have been in any relationship you can relate to this song. “Titles aint shit if the story donʼt match it”

12. “Young OG”

If you know anyone young, play this shit for them, hell listen to this yourself, you will def learn something “the saddest story comes from those who had the glory”. This song tells you everything you need to learn about gaining this in life and how to live it.

In conclusion, I got this for free, but I would gladly pay for it. In my opinion, Fabolous is one of the greatest of all time. It kills me that people say they want to bring real lyricism back, yet and still give money to those dumb rappers who don’t teach you anything when you listen to their music.

People say Fab is Back, Back from where? He’s like a dude with one right foot, HE NEVER LEFT.

Boima Freeman

Written by Boima Freeman

Boima Freeman

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  • tgb81383  says:

    Great review. ..u r right this was a great Christmas gift from Fab…very soulful n the lyrics ..sheesh

  • Boima Freeman  says:

    Thanks for checking out the review, hope you have a wonderful new year.

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