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At the start of the year HHC will be hosting a Monthly Rap Battle in the new message boards. This was something that was huge when we first started back in 2004 and we would like to bring that spirit back into the forums today. Who else is doing something this cool in the world of message boards? We’ll wait.

The Monthly Rap Battle will return on Wednesday, January 1, 2014. All you have to do to participate is register for a WordPress account or register directly from the message boards. Freestyle lyrics can be posted in the thread throughout the entire month until the final week. At the end of the month there will be a poll posted for the general audience to vote for the winner of the battle. Winners will be featured on the homepage of the website and recognized throughout the message boards. Do you have what it takes to win? I must inform you, if Tucker Booth participates in any of the battles then you might want to consider throwing in the towel. That is a warning, not a threat.

January 1st. Be there or be square.

*If you are having problems registering/logging in to the forums, see this “how to” thread: How to successfully log in to the HHC forum. If you are still having problems please contact the web administrator at info[at]

Written by Marrio Grimm

Marrio Grimm

Marrio Grimm is the editor of, former assistant editor at inBox Magazine & DVD, rap critic for Just A Muse. Work featured on AllHipHop, and Riverfront Times.

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