An Open Letter To Lord Jamar From Tucker Booth

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I am a 34 year old Caucasian male. I currently list Rapper and Hip Hop Artist as job skills on my resume. I have sang and rapped all over the country independently and slowly but surely carved out an underground freestyle battle rap legacy in St. Louis and L.A. I have won 7 Freestyle Rap Battles & 2 Poetry Slams. Both of the Slams I won with Freestyles in the Final Rounds. As a child of the 1980’s I may not have grown up exclusively loving Hip Hop but I always had a soft spot in my heart for it. From early memories of getting Beastie Boys ‘License To Ill’ on Cassette Tape for my 9th birthday to Digital Underground’s Humpty Dance to Young MC’s Bust A Move to Ice Ice….You get the picture. Seminole music moments for a young, white devil like myself.

Somehow Brand Nubian barely made a dent. Not because I didn’t appreciate your crew’s inventive style of wordplay but because it sounded fairly derivative of all the other Underground music that accompanied it. Almost like for every Gang Starr there is a Group Home for every De La Soul there is a Brand Nubian. And I always thought De La was more classic. But that’s probably just because I’m white right? I know you have an extensive education in what is spiritually wrong with my race. Plus as you so aptly put in your recent interview on Vlad TV I am but a mere guest in your palatial home and must know my place in the House Of Hip Hop. As far as I can tell you went out of your way to make some waves in the name of defending black people’s right to not support equal rights for the LGBT community…..and you threw Macklemore and all of us white rappers under the bus with The Gays for good measure. From my cloven hoofed vantage it appears that you have condemned Macklemore’s new song ‘Same Love‘ because a white Hip Hop artist stood up for equal rights and the tolerant treatment of all people. Pretty Devilish Bro.

Somehow I already know this is a Nation Of Islam 5%er thing. On Independence Day 2006 you told HipHopDX:

“There are more rappers in the Five Percent Nation, than (there are) in Minister Louis Farrakhan‘s Nation of Islam [NOI], because the NOI doesn’t lend itself to Hip-Hop. The NOI is a very structured and rigid organization. Hip-Hop is very loose, and free. The two don’t compliment each other. Where-as the Five Percent Nation is more in the street, and is already respected, and accepted by the Hip-Hop generation. The Five Percent Nation also isnt anything to do with straight Islam. I know of a few rappers who are straight Muslim, but they don’t outnumber those in the Five Percent Nation. I am not an oppressor of Muslims. I have no fear of them. We in the N.G.E. [Nation of Gods and Earths a.k.a. The 5 Percenters] are not Muslims. To be a Muslim is to submit to the will of Allah, and practice the religion of Islam. To be a member of the N.G.E. is to come in the name of Allah, and to study I.S.L.A.M, which stands for I S.elf L.ord A.nd M.aster. See, in the Five Percent Nation, each man is the sole controller of his own universe. If you’re the God of your universe, you set up your own laws. The 5% message has something for everyone that wants to learn. It’s true this nation was started to empower poor black youth, but the lessons taught are ones we can all use.”

In other words you don’t like the song ‘Same Love’ because a man whom you’ve been taught is the manifestation of Pure Evil condoned same sex marriage and made a music video that featured a black man kissing a white man. Does that sound about right minus the sanctimonious double talk? I haven’t even gotten to the disrespectful and condemnatory way you addressed me and my white devil contemporaries in your Vlad TV interview but we’ll get to that soon. First I have to take issue with a more glaring deficiency in the impact of your argument: Modern Relevance. I know you and Grand Puba and Sadat X had your moment in the sun during the mid to late 90s but let’s face it: If I say the name Brand Nubian to anyone under 35 they look at me with special person eyes. Who? Brandon Flowers?


I had not heard Macklemore’s ‘Same Love’ single or viewed the music video until today. I wanted to make sure I gave it a fair shake before making any attempt to defend his work. To be honest I was turned off by Macklemore’s image and clubby EDM sounding pop singles and have had no desire to check him out further. With all that already on the table Mr. Jamar Sir I would like to certify that the content, imagery, and soulfulness present in ‘Same Love’ quickly reduced this white devil to tears.

I too have gay family members who are still denied the equal right to marry the person they’ve been with as life partners for over a decade. I have gay friends who have been beaten and bludgeoned by homophobes who have felt the need to take out their angst on my friends for their contrasting sexual orientations. I have been personally bullied and harassed on message boards and social media with words like ‘Faggot’ and ‘Cock Sucker’ in vain attempts to emasculate me with their usage. Ironically for you Mr. Lord Jamar Sir it happened recently after I published this open letter to George Zimmerman defending Trayvon Martin’s civil right to stay alive. I guess sometimes Blanco Diablo does a decent Osiris impression.

When you declare “Those proclivities and sensitivities are not part of True Hip Hop…” do you mean to say that Black Hip Hop does not support equal rights for the LGBT community? I thought Hip Hop was originated by NYC immigrants who were trying to give people a positive outlet for a wide array of creative endeavors. I thought Hip Hop was an art form not an anthropomorphic Chocolate Demagogue. You probably think this is all coming from a place of defensiveness or intellectual agitation. I think when you declare that “Every Greek god there is has an Egyptian counterpart that (we white devils) stole it from” I hear jealously and victim rhetoric. Where is the knowledge of self in that paradigm? By comparison the message of ‘Same Love’ sounds like the Sermon On The Mount.

This may seem gratuitous but I also want to burn a paragraph zeroing in on your evil laugh/stink eye of the camera combo when addressing both white rappers and the message of ‘Same Love’….What A Quintessential Narcissist Bully Sneer Of A Laugh. It’s the type of sniffling chortle laughter that could only preclude the caliber of dismissive xenophobic vitriol that followed it. I bet you felt real tough looking me and my demon spawn in our beady eyed souls. That said I could literally see the fear in your eyes. You may hate me and mine but you know we’re doing big numbers too these days. Maybe this is truly nothing more than some old school mental Jiu Jitsu to discourage whites from taking whats left of Hip Hop’s bloated carcass. But that’s just it Lord Fucktard: Hip Hop hasn’t been a fully functional house in quite some time. It’s a foreclosure that’s being short sold to the Caucazoids post haste.

Before abandoning the house metaphor you used I want to once again revisit your 5%er belief structure. If we whites were created by the Devil and Blacks are Gods on Earth and Hip Hop is your God ordained club house….Why on Earth would you let demons into your house? Just because we gave you Eminem? What kind of pragmatic homeowner decision is that? I would never let Lucifer wear my clothes. Just sayin’.

Yet another way of clearing up what color Love sees came recently from my Jewish buddy Howie on ‘Generic Radio‘:

“If I’m not mistaken white people started the NBA so you might want to tread lightly….”

Real Talk Lord Jamar. No Homo.


Tucker Booth writes for Locash Magazine , Hip-Hop Club and is a recording artist for Tantrum Niche Records. Tucker also hosts the Internet Radio Podcast ‘Tucker Booth Needs A Job’ Mondays 2-4 PM PST on Check out past podcasts/interviews at under ‘Tucker Booth’ in the podcast directory.

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Tucker Booth writes for Locash Magazine, Hip-Hop Club and is a recording artist for Tantrum Niche Records. Tucker also hosts the Internet Radio Podcast ‘Tucker Booth Needs A Job’ Mondays 2-4 PM PST on Check out past podcasts/interviews at under ‘Tucker Booth’ in the podcast directory. TDB is on Twitter @tuckerdalebooth.

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