Female Rise to Power 15 @firestartadj @DJTIMEKOT @fleetdjs @fleetdjfemales @pro_djdime (Mixtape Stream/Download)




The wait is finally over!!! A Female Rise to Power is finally available for download!!! This is a mix tape of ALL female DJs and ALL female artists!! When I do a mix tape I rep my city and include at least one talented artist from Colorado, and on this mix my feature artist is Aja Black from The ReMINDers, “So High” off the #3hreeProject.

Fleetdj Timeko (Dj Timeko T-Denver)
Jenny Djfirestarta White (DJ Firestarta-Birmingham)
Nikki White (Dj Dime-Minneapolis)
Rachel Hagen (DJ K-Young-Chicago)

Louis Louiscide Nathan Deejaysd Williams Tommy Black Lymon W. Sneed Jr. Sarsipius Jackson Bobby Stroede Dj-JLuv VideoDj Mixtress Francois Baptiste Courtney Alston Robert Pinkney Ontoneyo Valenzuela Kendell Ceo Davis Chris Djos Evans Timeko Fleetdj Tubaya DJ Timeko T

Download link:

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Janet Jackson’s Top 10 Sexiest Songs



By: DJ D.I.M.E.

On October 2nd, Ms. Jackson will be dropping her 11th studio album entitled “Unbreakable”. Her first single release “No Sleep” has remained at #1 on the Adult R&B charts for the past five weeks as she continues to sell out tour dates across North America. Her true fans have been patiently anticipating her return to the music spotlight for almost seven years and so far it’s been worth the wait. In the meantime while we’re all waiting for the much talked about album to be released let’s revisit the past with my list of her top 10 sexiest songs.

10. Anything:

One of the very sexy ballads from The Velvet Rope album. “Anything” is for the most part self-explanatory but I will add that the vocals and production on this record are what makes it even more appealing.


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Japanese Hip Hop Where you at?


When most hip hop heads around the world think of hip hop they do not reference it to Japan at all. This may change in the near future as there is one artist from Japan that is heating up. The rappers name is Kohh. Kohh is really driving the Japanese hip-hop scene and creating his own lane. Kohh is from Oji housing projects in Tokyo, Japan and he grew up very poor. In fact Kohh is from some Japanese projects. Kohh has lived in a world not often talked about or acknowledged but does exist in Japan.


In the projects Kohh is from there are drug problems, killing, and lots of violence in general like you would see in any projects around the world. Kohh’s rough life has given him much content for his music and is a driving force to succeed where no one from Japan has before...

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Soul Searching

If you missed the debut, you missed a night of musically diversity at its best. There are many types of singers in the world and new promoter Angel Shields clearly had that in mind. Shields choose singers with great music selection, great range, good tone, amazing energy, and straight up down in the Delta like Soul. The first show featured STL Favorite Coco Soul, Blues master Marquis Knox, the colorful Maven Lee formerly Blair Logik, songstress Katrina Reece, the skilled Tiffany Elle, and Chris Jones….minus his superb guitar playing which we missed! It was a treat but the good news is its back again. Stepping away from the hosting spot to feature is Justin Hoskins along with the returning Katrina Reece,Soul Searching Cheron Brash, Corey Allen, Bell, Joaquin, and True...

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